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A human approach to therapy for Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Do you feel you can't talk to anyone, lonely, different...A lot of feelings that are keeping you from being who you truly are or understood?

Whether you have been a victim of sexual abuse, physical, emotional or psychological abuse, it doesn't matter, our network of therapists is here to listen to you. Step by step we will assist you on your journey.   


Do not hesitate any longer and choose your story, your happiness, choose to live and take control over your life.

Balance Mind Body Heart therapy is here to assist you on your journey. 



Sofie has practised as a body and skin therapist, chiropodist and holistic therapist for over 25 years. She set up her own Wellness Salon in Ostend, Belgium, offering a complete beauty experience. Her wide-ranging treatments covering mind, body and spirit are based upon dedicated training and extensive experience in all aspects of beauty, holistic and complementary therapies.

A few years ago she decided to follow her true soul path and started a new life in England, Great Britain

Spiritually connected, Astrology chart reading has been something she's done since she was  a teenager and was a natural gift to feel, as a highly sensitive person to be able to read charts through intuitive and spiritual connection guided people on a emotional level.

Now she wants to assist anyone on their emotional, mental and spiritual journey, to get a better understanding of who they truly are. 

In 2020 a career change came along, along with a deeper understanding of humanity.  

Healing trauma and repairing society is now a bigger issue than ever before. 

At the beginning of 2021 she successfully finished at the Victim & Criminal Profiling Academy, allowing her on her next mission.

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Qualified for counselling therapy to work with victims of (sexual) abuse and all kinds of abuse, the VCPA therapy is a unique tool, to help you repair - heal from what has been done to you. Society can be very hard for victims, and they feel there is no way out or they are not being heard. It's time to talk about it and change all that, take control over your life and happiness. 

You want to find out more about this approach, go on to the page "About"


Writing reports for probation officers, criminal profiling, therapy for offenders, criminal law reports and assessments 

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