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 VCPA Therapy

Is a specific designed therapy plan, of the Victim and Criminal Profiling Academy, it's a human approach and unique bespoke therapy, created by Carine Hutsebaut, with personal coaching/workbooks to assist you on your journey, overcome trauma and repair your own life first, before helping others.

Many people are in the mindset that therapy isn't working or they can't find the right help to overcome trauma and abuse, they often suffer longterm PTSD, the balance is gone and life seems to be difficult all the time. There isn't a moment of peace and all is challenging and dark clouds hanging over you constantly.

You don't want to feel that heavy burden, dragging along everywhere where you go. It's effecting many area's in your life, such as your relationships, your job, your social life and activities, friendships, and on a personal level it eats you up inside.

Medication, drugs or alcohol abuse/addictions are very common problems that is used by victims or perpetrators, it's either used as an excuse or to not feel anymore. Being unbalanced can also be expressed in different ways through life, women or men can end up in criminal circles, in prostitution, act promiscuous, or be again the victim of another victim, violence, abusive relations, which is the result of having no confidence, self worth and have a lot of self loathing of the abuse they have suffered.

Vicious circles continue through out life and generations onwards, cause that's all they have known or experienced. It has become normality for those that have been abused. which it isn't at all. You can break those chains.

Abuse is not always being recognised as such, as people grow up and never really stood still at the time when something was done to them. Either they, themselves, didn't think much of it that time, or belief this will pass or won't happen again or it won't have any impact later in life, is absolutely not true if not properly processed. Or it's being unconsciously suppressed and 'forgotten'. 

There are different types of abuse, sexual abuse being the one that is the most damaging ones, but not to be underestimated is also the emotional impact of abusive, the manipulation, blackmail, feelings of shame, fear, guilt, neglect, abandonment, that nobody is there to protect you or make sure that you are not being hurt in any way, can come out later in life and when you don't understand why or what is 'wrong', can and will have impact at some point, that will express itself somehow.

In depression, in wrong choices and attracting narcissistic partners or friends, little confidence and disempowering situations.

The extend of different types of abuse such as physical abuse can have serious issues later in life, all of these different abusive ways of behaviour have to be stopped and mentally/emotionally processed, to make sure you don't fall into the trap of the victim or perpetrator.

Emotional and psychological abuse is also an ongoing problem in society, without even knowing/realising it is there, we are under constant attack, trauma is created by design to disempower humanity through centuries. 

It's not up to children or young teens or babies to say NO, it's up to the adult or grown up woman/man to take responsibility and act right and make sure children and young people feel safe, are safe from harm and anything that is abusive or not right. 

The victim role is being 'fed' by society, schools, the system, that reverses roles and takes away identity and strength of people. 

It's time to change all this, with correct skilled therapists, who are not brainwashed by indoctrinated educations and lies. A lot of the founders in psychiatry have used excuses to abuse and indoctrinate psychology with lies. 

Anyone that has suffered abuse, trauma, can be supported and completely heal with this VCPA approach. Watch this video with a remarkable couple, that has suffered a lot of violence and severe sexual abuse in the past.They are an example for you to see, that you don't need to stay in the victim mindset, that there is a way out of this. They are working hard upon to this day to become stronger and build up a happy and safe environment for their kids and be a real loving family. As a newly trained therapist - healer I carry these people in my heart and know they are an inspiration for many others out there.

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