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My Services


Therapy sessions, one to one, to work on your personal goals and workbook with this modality. Bespoke plan will be discussed and agreed. This can be done online or home visits in the local area of West Dorset, South Somerset, East Devon. We are a network of worldwide skilled therapist that are here for you, our network knows no limits and sometimes it's beneficial for the patient/client to have other therapies involved with our trained VCPA therapists, holistic therapists or psychologists who can add to your healing journey, help in different ways to find your balance and approaches that works for you.

A list of worldwide therapists will be soon accessible on the website of "Time To Talk About iT"   

It takes time,  patience and sessions to go through this process and everyone's journey is very different, so keep in mind that this process will take several appointments. Therapy/hour: 40 British pounds or 50 Euro's and $ 60 US dollars. As sessions can be done worldwide and we reach out to many victims that can be assisted online.


Assistance and requests can be done for profiling, reports in criminal law cases and on going court procedures, reports for probation officers for the time that the offender is under probation visits.

Reports to the justice department, visits to prison when the offender is also entitled to be heard or have the right support, that he/she needs, whether this is for assessing or helping evaluate the circumstances, situation, of the offender and the crime and charge. 

Perpetrators of sexual pedo-criminal offences leaving prison are usually relapsing within 4 days, without receiving adequate therapy. They walk freely and prison isn't a real punishment for them, they repeat their devious behaviour and distorted way of thinking and commit crime/abuse again. They take more risks and the severity of the sexual crimes are worse, they repeat also more quickly, cause they got away with it the first time and maybe even several times in a row. 

I insist that offenders have the right and right to therapy and are taking responsibility for the damage they have caused to the victim(s) and also taking back responsibilities in their own lives. Therapy will help them on their personal situation for the future, getting back into a job after prison sentence, integration into society, the most important not offending or relapsing into criminal behaviour. Therefor there's a specific therapy plan for them and on going social control, so when there's an issue or worry from anyone, they can be corrected straight away.

On top of the verdict of the court, the offender has to pay for the damage he/she has caused to the victim(s), that means paying the therapy of the vicim(s) too, it's part of taking responsibility for the actions that caused harm. We also work with a non-confidential contract for the offender only, that is signed and agreed, to have transparency for all parties.


Private services. Profiling of offenders in prison, for court procedures, assist/observe in police interviews with victims and offenders.

Victim support in the police department, or when dealing with traumatic experiences, in cases of abuse with victims and authorities.

Profiling and observing questionable circumstances of abuse, this can be with children, families, in schools, or privately.

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